Lincoln Brower

Lincoln Brower first began studying monarch butterfly biology in 1954 when he was a graduate student at Yale University. He currently is Distinguished Service Professor of Zoology Emeritus at the University of Florida and Research Professor of Biology at Sweet Briar College. He lives with his wife and colleague Linda Fink and two German Shepherds in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. His research includes conservation of endangered biological phenomena and ecosystems, the overwintering and migration biology of the monarch butterfly, chemical defense, mimicry, and scientific film making.  He has authored and coauthored more than 200 scientific papers on the monarch butterfly.  Since 1977 he has been deeply involved with conservation of the monarch's overwintering and breeding habitats, and especially with the imperiled Oyamel fir forests in Mexico which he considers the Achille's heel of the monarch.  To track deforestation, he recently formed a Geographic Information Systems team including students and colleagues from the University of Mexico, NASA, and Sweet Briar College. He also has been involved with several conservation initiatives to educate and help local Mexicans in their quest to save the forests.  (As of 26 May 2009).